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White-tailed Deer

Mule Deer

Grizzly Bear

Big Horn Sheep


Welcome to Skull Valley Photography. We offer unique fine art images that have never been released to the public before, (2015). Previously only available through private decorators and collectors, we have chosen to release a selected few, numbered prints.

Each buyer receives a separate personal letter from the artist. Included is the print number, story about the creature and where it was located and photographed.

It may seem strange to you that someone actually searches for animal remains and photographs them. And yet our unique prints appear in many fine homes around the nation, and naturally draw immediate attention. Each are unusual and one of a kind pieces of art. If you are looking for amazing, yet strikingly different photographic prints for your clients or for yourself, consider our limited numbered collection. Once the limited number is achieved for each image, we will retire it.

The artist has spent a lifetime finding and capturing these deceased creatures within their natural habitat.

Each year we will release a selected few, numbered prints. Sign up for our newsletter for information.

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Images may not be reproduced.

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